Recently I was approached by a family, living in the Eastern part of the Netherlands, who were considering to sell their painting by Austrian artist Carl Fahringer (1874-1952). The grandparents of my contact used to be close to Carl Fahringer when he was working in the city of Delft some 100 years ago. In the past the family acquired several “Dutch” paintings from Fahringer directly. The one they were considering to sell now, depicts the famous flower market in Delft somewhere in the 1920s or 30s.

The painting was somewhat dark and dull. This is not how I know Fahringer’s work, which is characterized by its bright colors. Since the work had never been cleaned, I dared to buy it with the expectation that a solid restauration would lead to a metamorphosis. The picture shows the result halfway the cleaning process. A miracle has happened. Life is back again.

It is very grateful to be able to restore such a beautiful painting to its original state