While I myself focus on impressionist Amsterdam paintings from the past century, I was given the opportunity to help a friend collector in acquiring attached 17th century painting.

It was offered by a London based art dealer. The painting represents  a view of the IJ with the East Indiaman ‘Kattendyck’, a States Yacht and various other ships, the harbour of Amsterdam beyond. It was signed and dated ‘L Bakhuizen. AN 73’ (lower centre); and dated again ‘1703’ (lower left and lower right).

Ludolf Bakhuizen (28 December 1630 – 17 November 1708), also spelled Backhuysen[1] and Backhuisen,[2] was a German-born Dutch Golden Age painter who was the leading Dutch painter of maritime subjects after the two Willem van de Veldes (father and son) left for England in 1672.