I would like to buy art works by famous German impressionist painter Max Liebermann (1847-1935), see his picture above, but I will need to win the national lottery before I can afford some of his works. In line with other famous impressionist painters, Liebermanns works are sold for hundreds of thousand euro’s. However I am the proud owner of some art works by Austrian impressionist Carl Fahringer (1874-1952).

Carl Fahringer, self portrait 1950

While the price difference between works of both painters is close to a factor of 100, I do see some similarities between both.

  • Both were German speaking,
  • Both liked to work in the local zoo (Fahringer in Schonbrunn in Vienna and Liebermann in Artis in Amsterdam),
  • Both have painted colourful parrots,
  • Both did visit the Netherlands at various occasions (Fahringer to Delft and Hoorn and Scheveningen, Liebermann to Amsterdam, Den Haag, Leiden, Dordrecht, Scheveningen),
  • Both were almost contemporaries,
  • In 1928, they both joined an art exhibition in Viennese Kunstlerhaus, see also the announcement in 1928 in Dutch newspaper “Avondpost” describing Fahringer as the Austrian Liebermann.
  • Last but not least, both have a similar style and technique. As a matter a fact, recently a young Dutch painter visited my place and when seeing a work by Fahringer (the Delft flower market) he said “Wow, a Liebermann”.

And there may be more similarities that I am not aware of yet.