View of the snow-covered Tweede Egelantiersdwarsstraat (Amsterdam, Jordaan area) during the evening twilight, where the light from the store windows gives warmth.

Frans Thomas Koppelaar, born 23th of April 1943 at The Hague. Lives and works in Amsterdam. Certain artists have painting in their fingers, like the Dutch artist Frans Koppelaar. He paints in a flowing realistic style. The well-aimed directness of his brush strokes make his works vibrate with life.Since Koppelaar mastered the art of painting he has used it to express his vision on the world around him. Not searching for drama, not trying to make his inner life the center of his art, but carefully choosing subjects that, in his view, simply asked to be painted.

While his paintings appear to differ, what unites them is a deeply felt love for our planet and how through painting he manages to succeed in sharing this love with others.