Dear Visitor,

This website shows my private collection of Dutch impressionist paintings of the past century (including today). My collection focuses on Amsterdam city views. The reason for focusing on the city of Amsterdam is quite simple. Amsterdam is a very beautiful, vivid and historical city. And I do live there with great joy. Many famous artists have made Amsterdam townscapes including Rembrandt, van Gogh, Monet, Breitner and Liebermann.

In addition to Amsterdam cityscapes I also collect other themes including landscapes, harbour views, beach views and still lifes.

My mission is to create a beautiful, balanced collection of impressionist paintings with a focus on the city of Amsterdam. In doing so, I am inspired by painters of the Laren school of art which existed some 100 years ago and whose painters gathered in the famous Hotel Hamdorff in the city of Laren. Think of Cornelis Vreedenburgh, Co Breman, William Singer, Piet Mondriaan, David Schulman, Ferdinand Hart-Nibbrig etcetera.

Criteria for my own collection are:

– impressionist,
– created in the past 100 years,
– colourful,
– reflecting craftsmanship,
– esthetically attractive,
– preferably linked to the Laren school of art.

If you are interested in viewing my collection, please do not hesitate to contact me. For now, I hope you enjoy my website and my blog !

Hans Heintz, September 2018
Herengracht, Amsterdam
Telefoon: +31 20 693 29 48